Council Services

Local government can appear very complex. This section explains how local government works in broad terms and who is responsible for the provision of services.


In the United Kingdom, government is multi layered. Central government is concerned with high level issues such as the overall management of law and policing, defence, foreign policy and balancing the books through the exchequer. Central government also determines strategy and establishes guidelines for the provision of an enormous range of public services that are then delegated to local authorities.

Bucks County Council is responsible for:-


Directory, Selling to the Council, Trading standards


Births, marriages and deaths, Community safety, Emergency planning


Adult learning, Early years and childcare, Schools, Young people


Planning, Waste, recycling and treatment

Leisure and culture

Libraries, Local history, Museum, Parks

Social care

Adoption, Adults, Children and families, Fostering

Transport and streets

Bus timetables, Public transport, Road safety, Roadworks

Wycombe  District Council is responsible for:-

Business information

Business finance. Business and street trading licences. Health and safety

Community and living information Community safety

Neighbourhood and village. Faiths, beliefs and religions. Life events and Community grants

Environment information

Animal welfare. Planning. Rubbish, waste & recycling and pollution. Pests and nuisance. Street care and cleaning. Energy. Land and premises. Town centre management. Food production and quality.

Health and social care information

Health and medical care including Disabilities.

Housing information


Legal services information

Freedom of Information. Local Land Charges.

Leisure and culture information, Arts and entertainment

Sports. Young people's activities. Hobbies and interests. Tourism and travel.

Policing and public safety information

Accidents, emergencies and safety. Victim support. Crime and law enforcement.

Transport and streets information

Motor vehicles. Roads and parking. Public transport

Council, government and democracy information

Councils and the Democratic processes. Events and public services


Great Marlow Parish Council

Great Marlow Parish has two District Councillors who stand for election every four years.

Great Marlow Parish Council is consulted about planning applications, and routinely make comments, but have no responsibility for the final decisions made. Generally planning approval lies with Wycombe  District Council although on occasions the authority may rest with Bucks County Council. There are various levels of appeal if permission is not granted.

Great Marlow Parish Council is responsible for the street lighting on both Claymoor Park and Clayhill estates.  Residents should report any street lighting issues to GMPC using the 'Contact' icon on this web site or telephone the Clerk on 01628 626527.

In April 2016 Great Marlow Parish Council took over the responsibility for the maintenance of Rights of Way and hedge cutting along stretches of road with 30 mph speed limits from Buckinghamshire County Council. 

Great Marlow Parish Council leads a local Community Speed Watch initiative.  Members of the local community work in partnership with the Police to monitor the speeds of vehicles using a speed detection advice on roads with a maximum speed limit of 30 mph.  If you would like to get involved learn more here.

There is currently a vacancy for a GMPC Councillor.  Why not come to our next meeting to see what is involved.  Details


Contacts for matters which do not fall under the responsibility of the Parish Council are:-

High level street lighting

Bucks County Council - Highways

0845 230 2882

Roads and footpaths

Bucks County Council - Highways

0845 230 2882

Dog fouling

Wycombe District Council

01494 421734