Parliamentary Constituency

The Council and Parliamentary responsibility for Great Marlow consists of 4 tiers.

The Parish Council is non-party aligned and consists of eight elected Councillors. Their area of expertise lies in their local knowledge and closeness to the population they represent.

The Parish Council has two District Councillors who represent Great Marlow on the Wycombe District Council. They are party aligned and both the current Councillors are Conservative. The Council offices are based in High Wycombe. 

The County Council offices are located in Aylesbury and Great Marlow is represented by one Conservative Councillor.

Parliamentary representation for Great Marlow comes under Wycombe. The Conservative Member of Parliament is Steven Baker.

Below is the latest record available, in the last 12 - 13 years there has been no significant development or change to the total population in the Parish.

Households, population, registered electors

Data below is in respect of the 2001 census, updated where more recent information is available. There have been no significant changes in household and population data in recent years.

  • Total population (2001 census): 1,321
  • Total households:  515
  • Total dwellings: 553
  • Registered electors (2013): 964
  • Total area (hectares): 1,688